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Architectural solutions


While working as a designer at a housing design office for 6 years

Involved in more than 300 buildings, then after studying at an overseas graduate school called AADRL in London, England, engaged in design studies, 3D modeling, and perspective creation at a major design office.Mainly working as Architectural Solutions, variousWe propose architectural solutions in the field.

We are accepting the following requests.

Architecture/Visual production system
▽1.3D modeling
▽2. CG perspective production
▽3.Grasshopper program consultation and creation

architecture and design
▼ 1. Housing design / consultation / floor plan production
▼2.Residential/store exterior design
▼3.(Interior design) Interior design

Other designs
△1. Simple animation production
△2. Graphic design
△3.Creation of design materials (creation of materials using Photoshop, etc./image processing/layout/infographics (diagrams, etc.) creation)


Please feel free to contact us.

When you want to create an image perspective that appeals to clients such as advertisements, web posters and homepages, when you want to convey an image to a building contractor, or when you want to use it for sales promotion to customers, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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